Best Time for Starting Orthodontic Treatment

Best Time for Starting Orthodontic Treatment

In case you are planning to opt for undergoing orthodontic treatment, then at the same time you must be wondering about the right time to see the best orthodontist near you. As it is an excellent question there are several ways to answer the same.

The basic concept is that one can see an orthodontist nearby him or her any time in case he holds queries regarding the alignment of teeth or quality of bite. In case of protruding, crowding and misplaced teeth, one may face high difficulty in biting, chewing as well as speaking. In such cases, consulting an experienced orthodontist will be a great idea to sort out the problem.

Conditions which Needs Fetching of Orthodontic Treatment

Some other conditions include mouth breathing, grinding of teeth, inability to close the lips properly and clenching are the symptoms of fetching an orthodontic treatment. In case the jaws frequently shift in position and make sounds due to movement or the cheek is being bitten, an orthodontist must be consulted at the earliest.

Teeth holding an abnormal meeting may lead to the causing of facial imbalance, i.e., the facial features are not in proportion with others. Fetching orthodontic treatment at proper time can rectify such a problem with due ease.

Orthodontics for Children

Apart from considering some basic and general guidelines, there exist specific recommendations for children. As per the experts, the best orthodontic treatment age for children is 7 years. It has been considered good due to the fact that there is a wide disparity in tooth development at that age, due to which it is easy to predict whether the child will fall prey to any orthodontic problem or not.

The second reason for such an early examination includes that many conditions are far easier to treat in case they are caught at an early stage when the natural growth processes are in full swing. A palatal expander appliance can effectively treat cross bite of a child as there exists rapid growth in the jaw of a youngster.

Also, early or late loss of baby teeth, persistent thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and other ailments can be treated in the best possible at an earlier age. Otherwise, dental surgery, which is very painful, remains the only option.

Orthodontics for Adults

After knowing about the correct age for fetching orthodontic treatment by child, the adults must also be concerned about themselves. In case they cover the mouth while smiling, suffer from imperfect smile and so on, then visiting an orthodontist nearby you will be the best option.

Almost one in five orthodontic patients is adults! Hence, there is nothing to feel shy or think twice. Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Especially in adults, compliance is usually not an issue. In case somebody feels embarrassed about wearing of metal braces, then one may easily opt for clear aligners, translucent ceramic brackets along with lingual braces.

Of course, it is not just about looks. It must be noted that well aligned teeth are easier to clean and maintain and less subjects to abnormal wear. A better bite keeps one away from trouble in eating and speaking hence enabling to maintain a good overall health.


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