Steps to Follow after Invisalign Treatment

Steps to Follow after Invisalign Treatment

High dedication is required at the time of wearing Invisalign braces. But at the same time it is very much essential to know the steps required just after the treatment related to Invisalign. In case the correct after-treatment procedures are not followed, then there are risks that the teeth may shift out of place hence undoing the beautiful smile which had been achieved after hard work.

Steps to Follow after Invisalign Treatment Gets Over:

It is a false view of people that once teeth get straightened, they will remain that way for long. In order to stay aloof from the negative consequences in the later stage, a couple of basic steps that are required to be followed include:

  • Wearing the retainers – Retainers help to maintain the tension on teeth in order to hold them in correct place following the Invisalign treatment. In case somebody fails to wear the retainer every night following the treatment by mistake, the teeth may shift back to the old position.After successfully receiving a retainer, it must be worn during the night only. Though it may seem tedious as they are hardly invasive in nature! They are in actual quite similar to the Invisalign aligners, which are applied during the treatment.Retainers do something more than just keeping the teeth straight. They prevent teeth from unnecessary wear and tear which generally cause due to teeth grinding. As they are primarily manufactured by using plastics, they are subjected to wear themselves. Due to this reason, Invisalign dentist provides a new retainer at the interval of nine to twelve months.Proper steps for cleaning retainers regularly include some essential steps. It is advised not to brush the retainer with toothpaste as its abrasive nature can dull the shine of retainer hence leading to bacteria build up and stained teeth.  The retainer can be scrubbed thoroughly with soapy water and toothbrush regularly.There are tablets available in the markets which are helpful in cleaning the retainers. They need to be simply dropped in the cup of water. The retainer must be kept immersed into the solution for 10-20 minutes. The solution will break down any sort of bacteria hence cleaning the same at the best.
  • Scheduling regular dental checkups – The former Invisalign patients will highly benefit from the regular checkups. During a checkup, an Invisalign Dentist in Birmingham will be examining the bite to verify the drastic conditions like crowding and shifting of teeth if any.He will also be able to focus on the level of clamping of teeth along with stability of bite by putting up questions regarding the feelings of bite.  Along with proper dental checkup regarding the shifting of teeth out of place, the dentist will also evaluate the condition of retainer.   If required, the teeth may get polished and reshaped for reestablishing a stable bite.

Obligations do not entirely end with the Invisalign treatment. In order to keep the teeth straight along with carrying on with beautiful smile the retainers must be worn for long along with taking proper care for the same.


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