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Different Types of Dental Malocclusion That We See On a Regular Basis

Misaligned teeth and bite problems caused by the wrong alignments are common and persistent problems for many. It is known as malocclusion. They also lead to a number of other additional problems. Overbites, crooked teeth and many other types of malocclusion are to be seen commonly. Here is a list of the other malocclusion that might be the case with you and you would not know.


  • Overbite: It is quite normal that the upper teeth line will overlap the lower front teeth. However, when the overlapping is excessive, leading the upper front teeth to bite even the lower jaw, it is known as overbite.
  • Over jet: This should not be confused with the overbite. It is the case when the upper teeth line horizontally extends past the lower teeth line. This protrusion can actually be very risky and problematic for speech and eating habits.
  • Cross bite: In this case, the upper teeth bite slides into the lower teeth bite. It usually happens to only one side of the jaw, but can even happen to both the sides of the jaw. The front as well as the back of the teeth that are coming into friction can be damaged in this malocclusion.
  • Overcrowding: When there is a lack of space or no space between the teeth, the teeth overlap on each other. This gives a crooked appearance to the teeth. Amongst the adults, this is the most common malocclusion that leads them to go for orthodontic treatments. Orthodontic Invisible braces can fix your teeth overcrwoding.
  • Diastema: When you have a significant and visible amount of spacing in between the top front two teeth, it is known as diastema. Many celebrities have this and some of them proudly boast it, making it their statement.
  • Under bite: Also known as anterior cross bite, the under bite is the condition in which the lower front teeth covers the upper front teeth in a bite.
  • Impacted tooth: Sometimes, one or more teeth that are impacted are unable to erupt completely and properly. In that case, there is a gap that forms in that position. Usually the dentist would remove it and fill the gap with a brace in that place.
  • Spacing: Those people, who in their young and tender age had the habit of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting and some, without these habits, can have spaces in between one or more of their teeth.
  • Open bite: Sometimes, the upper teeth do not overlap the lower teeth. In that case, an open or gapped bite is formed that is also known as an anterior open bite.
  • Missing tooth: In dentistry terms, it is known as hypodontia. When, due to some trauma or other reason, you have one or more of your teeth missing, it will create a gap in your teeth line.

Whatever the type of malocclusion you might have experienced, they all can effectively be treated with the help of the orthodontists. A skilled invisible braces dentist would help you in achieving the desired look. To get best Orthodontic clinics in the cities of United Kingdom, like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, Leeds or in Manchester visit the most popular dental directory of UK, Dentists Near Me.


Different Types of Invisible Braces and Prices in UK

It is a fact to consider that a mouth full of unattractive wire and bracket braces cannot gift fully a straight teeth and revitalized smile. Invisible braces have been introduced into the market to enhance self-esteem and physical confidence along with an aesthetic and barely visible alternative to conventional braces.

Different Types of Invisible Braces and Prices in UK

They are manufactured by using advanced computer technology that helps to predict movement of tooth enabling easy and gradual straightening of the same. Though such braces may not be suitable for certain misalignment cases but may be used to treat following orthodontic conditions which include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Crowded and widely spaced teeth

Invisible braces is mainly designed for adults as well as older teenagers but are not recommended when baby teeth exist. But it is only the dentist and orthodontist who can easily determine the eligibility regarding such braces. Those trays are worn for the time of 22 hours per day and must not be forgotten.

Various Types of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are similar to metal braces holding an exception that they are tooth-coloured enabling easy straightening of teeth. They get blended with teeth hence making them less noticeable. The various types of invisible braces include the following:

  • Ceramic braces – They are manufactured using composite materials that are weak and more brittle in comparison to metal braces. They are larger than metal ones and are hold using ligatures and small rubber bands. Staining remains no more a big problem as they can be changed every time.

    They demand a long time treatment time as it comprise of a slower and more gradual force to ensure strength capabilities. They are more expensive than traditional a metallic brace which is about £500 and more on the basis of seriousness.


  • Inside braces – Inside braces are attached to the back side of teeth so that they remain hidden from the view. Currently, they use scanned images of the insides of the teeth are done to create special and computer-designed custom brackets that are attached to the insides of upper and lower teeth. Elastics can be used to hasten treatment.

    Inside braces include higher cost in comparison to traditional braces that are used on the front of teeth due to computer customization required to make the brackets. As they represent a new technique, one may face challenges while speaking, maintaining dental hygiene and so on.


  • Clear aligners – Clear aligners comprise a series of clear and removable aligners that custom-fit to teeth for providing virtually irritation-free treatment along with minimal discomfort. They along with being invisible are minimally invasive and highly resistant to clouding from wear.

    There are no brackets that come off to break and poke. They can be easily removed while eating, drinking and special events hence making it easier to brush and floss.

The average cost of invisible braces in Birmingham, London, Manchester, & all across UK is generally varies between,


For Ceramic Braces : £2,000 – £2,500

For Inside Braces or Lingual Braces : £3000 and £5000

Clear aligners or Invisalign Braces : £2,500 – £4,500

The Total Times You need to Wear Invisalign Braces

Total Time for Wearing Invisalign Braces

Are you unhappy with your teeth? Do you think that you can have better smile? Do you wish to have little longer or straighter teeth? Then Invisalign treatment is best solution for you. If you have already taken this treatment to make your teeth more straight and beautiful and you are thinking how long you need to wear the invisible clear braces then you must consult it to your cosmetic dentist. It is a general thing for a patient that he or she surly wants to know more about time duration of wearing Invisalign clear braces, how it will look and how it will work.

Teeth Adjustment Duration:

How long a patient needs to wear clear Invisalign braces it simply depend on the condition and severity of his or her teeth. Invisalign braces are the discreet solution to straighten overbite, overcrowded, misaligned, and unevenly shaped and crossbite teeth. The more a patient needs to correct the position of his or her teeth the more time he or she needs to wear the Invisalign braces. The time certainly depends on procedure of teeth correction.

  • Minor Tooth Straightening : If you just require straightening your teeth and bringing them back into the definite position while your teeth have come out of right position or you just need to correct the upward movement of your teeth into gum then you need to undergo from minor teeth correction procedure. It will just take couple of months correcting your teeth with clear braces.
  • Major Tooth Straightening: If you need to have major correction to make your misaligned teeth straighten then you need to wear clear Invisalign braces for longer time period. You may need to wear your clear removable braces for twenty to twenty two hours in a day. The more time you can keep braces the faster you can get your desired result. But if you will be unable to put on your clear Invisalign braces for long time in a day then you will need to add on more days in completion of your Invisalign or teeth straightening treatment. The less you wear your clear braces the longer time you will take to correct the position of your misaligned teeth.

It is hundred percent true that tooth correction or adjustment treatment takes long time as well as patience. If you are longing for a proven and effective result from your Invisalign or tooth straightening procedure then you have to provide longer time period for Invisalign. The best part of Invisalign treatment is that you can remove your braces as per your requirement and again you can wear it without a dentist. Some dentists also suggest the fastest six month smiles treatment to straighten teeth to a few patients in accordance with the dental condition.

However, in order to discuss with a dentist nearest you about how long to wear invisalign, you need to visit the best dentist in your city. With the help of a local dentist directory – “Dentist Near me”, you can find a dentist in your city like Birmingham, Manchester, London, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and more. If, you want to visit Invisalign dentist in Birmingham or others cities in UK, searching them through the directory with “Treatment Name + City Name” such as “Invisalign  Birmingham” and so on.

7 Benefits of Invisible Braces for Your Teeth Straightening

For a long time, the people with crooked and misaligned teeth setting had to compromise on their look while they wore the metal wired braces to straighten their teeth. However, the new invisible braces for teeth straightening offer the same results, and are way more advantageous to wear them instead of the metal braces.

7 Benefits of Invisible Braces for Your Teeth Straightening

1. Discreet treatment:
Unlike the metal braces, these are invisible and hence, none will get to know that you are wearing the braces and undergoing a teeth straightening treatment.
2. Better aesthetics:
Unlike the ugly-looking metal braces, the invisible braces offer a better aesthetics, even when you are wearing them. This is because they are almost invisible and does not disturb your smile.
3. Better comfort:
The invisible braces are much more comfortable. This is because they do not harass your lips and tongue by interrupting your skin.
4. Fast:
Yet another important aspect of the benefits of invisible braces is that these braces can bring the results within a year or just in a period of more than a year. This is a fraction of time as compared to the traditional braces.
5. Convenient:
You can take the invisible ceramic braces whenever you need. Hence, while you eat and drink something, you can take them off and after cleaning your teeth, you can put them back in the mouth. No need to deprive yourself from your favorite foods and drinks, worrying that the braces will become a hindrance.
6. Easy to maintain and better oral health:
The invisible braces are easy to maintain, as they can be taken off. You can brush and scrub them to keep them clean. When you are brushing your teeth or flossing them, simply take the braces out and once you are done, you can wear them back.
7. Known results:
The orthodontist for invisible braces will let you know about the desired and possible results on computer, before starting the procedure. Hence, you will know about the results before starting on it and this will ensure any unwanted surprise is technically avoided.
However, in order to reach an experienced orthodontist , you need to visit the best dental clinic in your city. The Dentists Near Me, a trusted dental directory offers you a list of the best clinics and dentists in your city like Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgown, Cardiff and more. If, you want to visit an orthodontist to get the invisible braces treatment in Manchester or others cities in UK, searching them through the directory with “Treatment Name + City Name” such as “Invisible Braces Manchester” and so on.

The Best Ways to Keep Invisible Retainers Clean

In case an individual has recently got a dental retainer, then it is very essential to clean the same properly in order to prevent the building up of bacteria. The building up of bacteria will definitely ruin your retainer hence making you ill. The bottom line is that invisible retainers must be cleaned regularly to keep them sparkling and free from germs.

Home Methods of Cleaning Retainers
Home Methods of Cleaning Retainers

Observations Regarding Dirtying of Invisible Retainers

There are many easy home methods to be used. Also there are some conventional products along with invisible retainer cleaner for the purpose of easy cleaning. In case retainer comprises of parts that are soldered on, then it is better to be cautious while soaking the same. In case somebody is not sure about the comprising of metal solder, then the dentist or orthodontist must be consulted.
In order to know the best time for cleaning your retainer, there are some things to be observed which include:

  • Coming out of smell from the retainer – The bad smell of retainer is due to the building up of bacteria. In order to prevent this, it must be cleaned regularly. Doing so will prevent causing of potential illness that is caused due to dirt in mouth.
  • Retainer comprising of a hard white film – The white hard film covering the retainer is nothing more than plaque. The retainer must be cleaned regularly to prevent hardening of the tartar.

Home Methods of Cleaning Retainers

As a new set of retainer cost nearly £130 in an average, it must be at one’s best interest to keep it clean and germ free. Some of the home methods of cleaning retainers include:

  • Brushing with a soft toothbrush – You must clean your retainer every night with the help of a bit of non-abrasive toothpaste or dish washing agent along with a soft toothbrush. It will prevent growth of scratches hence keeping the retainers clean.
  • Soaking with vinegar and water – The retainer must be soaked into a uniform mixture of warm tap water and white distilled vinegar for about 15-30 minutes. Afterwards the retainer must be brushed with a soft toothbrush and rinsed gently with warm water.
  • Soaking of retainers in the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water – One can clean invisible braces retainer by soaking the same into a uniform mixture of warm tap water and 3% hydrogen peroxide for at last 30 minutes. Afterwards the retainers must be rinsed thoroughly with warm water.
  • Mouthwash soak – It is possible to dilute equal parts of mouthwash and water to make your retainer smell fresh for shooing away bacteria. However, mouthwash usually contains some amount of alcohol due to which will be better to soak the retainer occasionally.
  • Soaking of retainers in denture tablets – It is recommended to use a pinch of denture tablets for soaking the retainers to remove the stains. It is better not to opt for continuous usage of this method.

    It is all about some of the home made methods for retainer cleaning. Along with cleaning the retainers every day, it is also important to store the retainer in a good retainer case.

An Age-By-Age Orthodontic Treatment Guide

Dental problem is one of the common health issues. Most of the people have some dental problem. That is why there is a great demand of the dentists in the society. There are many people who think that the dental problems are very not so serious and it is very easy to treat the problems. It is not correct at all. There are many problems which are not so simple and need more concentration. There is such a problem which needs the orthodontic treatment. What is orthodontic treatment? There are many people who are suffering from a specific dental problem for which they cannot talk or take food properly. The bad arrangement of teeth on the gum or the crooked teeth is the reason of their problem. The orthodontic specialists or orthodontists treat the problem properly so that the patients would be able to do their daily jobs without any problem. However there are different degrees of treatment such problem depending on the age of the patient. Let’s take a look on the orthodontic treatment guide.

Age by Age Orthodontic Treatment

The age-by-age treatment

There are different types of orthodontic treatment for different age group. According to the specialists the treatment is easy and needs low cost for the children of at age 7. On the other hand the adults are able to take the challenge of the treatment. That is why the age-by-age treatment is important to get proper medication.

  • The treatment of ages 2 to 3: It is not a common problem and it is very rare case when the children of age group of 2 to 3 would need such treatment.
  • The children of ages 5 to 7: According to many orthodontists it is the perfect time to start the orthodontic treatment. The experts say that this is the ideal age to stop the bad habits if any. Therefore stopping the bad habits the orthodontic treatment is made easier.
  • Ages 6 to 8: This is the perfect age group to rectify the cross bite.
  • Ages 8 to 10: This is the proper age group to correct the problems of jaws which are responsible for the overbite problems.

After this age group the orthodontic treatment becomes more or less same. According to the doctors after this period the patients are gone through the implantation of orthodontic braces which are used to rectify the dental arrangements permanently and forcefully. Sometimes there are many side effects caused from the dental problem. The common problem is the headache which is caused by the overbite or cross bite problem because in these problems the muscles of the jaws cannot act properly.

Find the best dentist

It is very important to find the best orthodontist near you because sometimes you may need to visit the doctor at the urgent basis. There are so many orthodontists in this sector. However you should choose the best one. The dentist must have a valid medical degree and he or she should have the extensive practical training of treating the orthodontic problem. The doctor should also provide the after treatment guidance so that the patient would be able to continue a normal life easily.

Steps to Follow after Invisalign Treatment

Steps to Follow after Invisalign Treatment

High dedication is required at the time of wearing Invisalign braces. But at the same time it is very much essential to know the steps required just after the treatment related to Invisalign. In case the correct after-treatment procedures are not followed, then there are risks that the teeth may shift out of place hence undoing the beautiful smile which had been achieved after hard work.

Steps to Follow after Invisalign Treatment Gets Over:

It is a false view of people that once teeth get straightened, they will remain that way for long. In order to stay aloof from the negative consequences in the later stage, a couple of basic steps that are required to be followed include:

  • Wearing the retainers – Retainers help to maintain the tension on teeth in order to hold them in correct place following the Invisalign treatment. In case somebody fails to wear the retainer every night following the treatment by mistake, the teeth may shift back to the old position.After successfully receiving a retainer, it must be worn during the night only. Though it may seem tedious as they are hardly invasive in nature! They are in actual quite similar to the Invisalign aligners, which are applied during the treatment.Retainers do something more than just keeping the teeth straight. They prevent teeth from unnecessary wear and tear which generally cause due to teeth grinding. As they are primarily manufactured by using plastics, they are subjected to wear themselves. Due to this reason, Invisalign dentist provides a new retainer at the interval of nine to twelve months.Proper steps for cleaning retainers regularly include some essential steps. It is advised not to brush the retainer with toothpaste as its abrasive nature can dull the shine of retainer hence leading to bacteria build up and stained teeth.  The retainer can be scrubbed thoroughly with soapy water and toothbrush regularly.There are tablets available in the markets which are helpful in cleaning the retainers. They need to be simply dropped in the cup of water. The retainer must be kept immersed into the solution for 10-20 minutes. The solution will break down any sort of bacteria hence cleaning the same at the best.
  • Scheduling regular dental checkups – The former Invisalign patients will highly benefit from the regular checkups. During a checkup, an Invisalign Dentist in Birmingham will be examining the bite to verify the drastic conditions like crowding and shifting of teeth if any.He will also be able to focus on the level of clamping of teeth along with stability of bite by putting up questions regarding the feelings of bite.  Along with proper dental checkup regarding the shifting of teeth out of place, the dentist will also evaluate the condition of retainer.   If required, the teeth may get polished and reshaped for reestablishing a stable bite.

Obligations do not entirely end with the Invisalign treatment. In order to keep the teeth straight along with carrying on with beautiful smile the retainers must be worn for long along with taking proper care for the same.